Tarpaulin Sheeting

The Tarpaulin Sheeting section offers a large range of Tarpaulins from our lightweight Tarpaulin all the way up to out 610gsm Tarpaulin covers.

Here is a little bit about the products we offer.

Tarpaulin Covers

Made in 610gsm material these tarpaulin really are the ultimate in strength and durability, For years our customers have been coming to us fed up with cheaper alternatives you can buy on the market that really don't last that long. We have supplied this 610gsm tarp to roofing companies to cover 10m x 12m roof or to someone who wants a cover for a log. Our Covers are 100% waterproof UV stabilised with eyes at 500mm all the way around and in the corners, They really are ideal for covering anything you can think of.

Clear Reinforced Tarpaulin

Again made from the 610gsm material. We have sold these for many years to people who want to protect something but also would like to let some light in eg garden centre grow houses. These covers again are 100% waterproof UV Stabilised and have eyes at 500mm all the way around.

Made to Measure Tarpaulin and Skip Netting

Here you can enter custom sizes for all your tarpaulin and netting needs. The Custom tarpaulin would be made from the 610gsm material. Standard eyelet spacing is 500mm but you can add extra for a small charge if you would like. In this section you will also find our range of top quality skip netting in various thicknesses great for allowing air to pass through but at the same time will offer top strength.

Glass Clear Tarpaulin

Custom made to your requirements, Crystal clear material and top strength this is great for those application where you want to be able to see completely through the product. We also offer an option without the hem in a couple of widths, this will still come with heavy duty eyes and is a great price.

Please note
Due to the fabric widths some sheets will come up shorter than specified on the width due to the hemming and seam
e.g 2m x 2m finished size would be 2m x 1.95m
3m x 3m finished size would be 3m x 2.88m
3m x 5m finished size would be 5m x 2.88m

If you have any questions about any of our products or would like any samples spec sheets etc please don't hesitate to contact us. Either by phone 01462682663 or email sales@allplas.co.uk

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