Polythene, Plastic & PVC

Polythene Plastic & PVC

UV Polythene

Wide width, Heavy duty, UVI Polythene Sheeting especially made for Greenhouses, Commercial Growing Houses and Tunnels and any other outdoor applications where the sheeting is exposed to the elements and maximum life is required.

UVI polythene sheeting available in 1m, 2m, 4m, 7.3m, 9.2m, 11.1m, and 14m wide in various lengths, this polythene will last for 5 years minimum. It is great for many growing applications such as greenhouses polytunnels and much more.

With an excellent range of Thicknesses and Widths you should be able to find exactly what you want here. If not mail us with your requirements and we will do our best to help.

Polythene Sheeting

With an excellent range of Thicknesses and Widths you should be able to find exactly what you want here. If not mail us with your requirements and we will do our best to help.
Most of our bulk rolls are discounted on 6 rolls or more so enter a quantity in the shopping basket to see the costs. Please remember carriage is FREE on mainland orders over £150.00 nett.

It is always difficult to explain thicknesses of polythene but if you think of an average black bin liner being 25 to 40 microns or between 100 and 160 gauge hopefully this will give you an idea.
The thinnest sheeting, we do is 62.5mu (250 gauge) and is 6 to 10 times thicker than a bin liner so it is thin but not very thin, fairly light yet with good properties. This makes a good dust sheet or membrane under wood flooring.

Black Polythene

4mtr (13ft) - 8 metre (26ft) or 14 metre (46ft) wide Black 112.5 (450g) Extra black high-quality polythene sheeting. Manufactured primarily for use as sileage sheeting but great for covering large allotments etc. to eradicate weeds, nettles etc.

Clear PVC

This UV Stabilised material is a superb quality, high clarity supple PVC. Used in applications such as Tent windows, covering upholstery, Protecting soft artworks such as Cross Stitch and Embroidery. Book covers, Jigsaws, Shed Windows, Greenhouse Roll Doors and more.
Sold by the metre and available in five different thicknesses.

.2mm up to 5mm.
.2 - .25 and .5mm thicknesses are 1300mm wide.
The 3mm and 5mm thick are 1200mm wide.
The 2mm is 1200mm wide.
This product is discounted by quantity at the checkout by up to 25% on a 50m roll.

Newt Barrier

This Natural or Green polythene sheeting is 1000mm (40") wide. Its 250 microns (1000 gauge) .25mm thick and made from prime polymer for a smooth surface. Many miles of this product are already in place all over our countryside to protect the habitat or restrain the likes of Frogs, Toads, Great Crested Newts and many more threatened species.

This product has a high percentage of one of the best Ultra Violet Inhibitors available and should comfortably last for 5 seasons in the UK

Available in 100 metre rolls weighing approximately 25 kgs for ease of carriage. Single rolls are £69.00 each but quantities are discounted well.

A pallet of 2500 metres for example will cost just £1207.50 delivered plus VAT that's less than 49p per metre and it will last for 5 seasons against the elements.

Seal Again Bags Sacks and more

A selection of Rubble Sacks, Dust Extractor bags, Woven Polypropylene Sacks, Bin Liners, Refuse Sacks and Seal again bags,

Lay flat Tubing

A range of polythene Lay flat Tubing ranging from 2" (50mm) to 36" (915mm) in the two most popular and convenient thicknesses

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