Garden & Outdoor

Garden & Outdoor

Weed Control Fabric

Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5m wide. Ideal for stopping weeds, sold in many lengths ideal for stopping weeds in allotments and gardens or even to put down before stones on a driveway or a path. Weed Control fabric 2m x 50m has been one of our best selling product for the last 10years. UV stabilised to help with the life expectancy.

Black Polythene Sheeting

Black polythene sheeting is a cheaper alternative for weed control. It is not UV stabilised but it will help to cover a area for a short period of time, Available in 4m 8m or 14m wide. Next day service available.

Pvc Mesh Sheeting

The PVC mesh sheeting can be made to measure so is ideal for skip netting, We have also sold this for keeping outside cooling systems in the shade. Hemmed with heavy duty eyes at 500mm all around to help secure the material.

UVI Poltythene for Outdoors

Wide width, Heavy duty, UVI Polythene Sheeting especially made for Greenhouses, Commercial Growing Houses and Tunnels and any other outdoor applications where the sheeting is exposed to the elements and maximum life is required.

UVI polythene sheeting available in 1m , 2m , 4m , 7.3m, 9.2m, 11.1m, and 14m wide in various lengths, This polythene will last for 5 years minimum. It is great for many growing applications such as greenhouses polytunnels and much much more.

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