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Feel free to call us on 01462 681439 or alternatively see our frequently asked questions below.

Q. Do we have retail outlets.
A. No we ship nationally and internationally.

Q. What is gauge.
A. Gauge is an imperial reference to thickness for example 1000 gauge = 10 thou. 40thou = 1mm.

Q. How do I convert Gauge to Microns.
A. Divide Gauge by 4 to calculate microns. Eg: 1000 gauge = 250mu or microns.

Q. What is gsm.
A. Gsm = grams per square metre. This is useful to calculate the weight of a tarpaulin. Eg: a 10mtr x 20mtr x 250gsm Supertarp = 200 square metres x 250gsm = 50000gsm divided by 1000 = 50 kilos. 1000grams = 1 kilo.

Q. When will my order be shipped.
A. If your order is for an off the shelf product and its ordered before about 2:00pm on a weekday it will usually leave us that day. If it is a bespoke product Eg; a net cut to size with a rope edge then this can take 7/10 days although again many are on the shelf. Please call if you want to make sure 01462 677511.

Q. Do I need Stakes or Staples for weed control fabric.
A. No. If you are covering the sheeting with Gravel, Soil, Bark or some other substrate, or you have some bricks or lengths of wood on your allotment then save your money. You only need them when its left exposed.

Q. If I use Staples or Stakes, How many will I need.
A. This depends on the soil and how exposed your site is, as a general rule if you have very loose soil you could need them every metre or two, if however the soil is like clay then every two to four metres can do.

Q. Can I use Hi shade against an existing fence.
A. That totally depends on the densiity of the mesh and the intregrity of the existing posts. The greater the % of shade the more wind it will catch and like a sail and it could blow the fence over. If your posts are reasonably well bedded and not more than 2 metres apart, then 55 - 72% levels should be fine. To ensure a first class result the posts for 72 or 90% should be at least as good as you would use for wooden fencing panels.

Q. How much UVI sheeting do I need to line an 8' x 6' Greenhouse.
A. 5 mtrs of 7.3mtr wide will do it not including the doors - if you want to line the doors as well then 6mtrs will need to be ordered.

Q. What is mil in relation to thickness.
A.1mil as expressed in america is the equivalent to 100g in imperial or 25.4 microns in metric. 1mil is almost the same as 1thou.

Q. How many square metres in an acre.
A. 43494

Q. How thick is our melinex.
A. 100microns with a good element of stiffness.

Q. Is your PVC suitable for a roof.
A. A couple of years ago, I battened some of this on my Child's Playhouse, although the black has become more like dark grey, the integrity of the pvc is as good as the day I did it. I know we have sold it to customers for Garage roofs and Sheds but I have never had any feedback from them good, or bad.

Q. How long will your PVC tarpaulin last.
A. Difficult to answer as all applications and conditions differ, however on the roof of a building exposed to the very worst of the English weather, the sheet on my childrens playhouse is now over 5 years old. Although the black has turned grey, it still has great flexibility and is totally waterproof.

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