Netting & windbreak

Netting & Windbreak

Cargo Safety & Lifting

A huge range available. Please note netting can take 7-10 days, We can supply knotless or knotted netting for use on the back of lorries for all sorts of safety reasons.

We supply personal safety netting designed to catch a person falling. We also supply 45mm x 3mm knotless netting which is used a lot in play area safety. We even have a 45mm x 5mm knotless netting that can be used for hammocks catamarans and in all applications where safety is key.

Netting Insect & Meshes

Nets meshes and insect netting designed for outdoor or indoor use.
If you require a net for nearly any purpose, we are sure we can help.

Shade Event & Windbreak

These top-quality HDPE knitted Windbreak/Shading fabrics are available in a choice of widths and shade factors. Extensively used by Sports clubs, swimming pool installers, sun sail makers and Nursery Growers.

Sports Equipment & Netting

Sports Equipment and netting for all manner of applications. A range of nets for Golf and Cricket practice or on boundaries of courses.

Included here are Golf Nets, Cricket Nets and Netting, Football and Rugby boundary or Goal Netting,

Stock Cargo Netting

A large quantity of netting stock netting for sale at 25% discount from the website price. Subject to accepting the size as it is.
If you need a net cut to size, then you would need to order on the normal section.
These nets are one offs

Decking Rope

A great range of ropes in Polyphemp, Polyprop, Sisal and manila

Skip Nets

At allplas we have been supplying top quality skip covers for many years, Many Customers don't want cheap netting that will rip easy and come to us for some great quality products


A Comprehensive range of fixtures and fittings

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