Cargo Safety and Lifting Nets

Cargo Safety and Lifting Nets

Knotless Netting

Knotless netting has a very large range of nets from 10mm hole size up to 120mm. All netting can be manufactured to your custom requirements.

Knotted Netting

Knotted netting also has a very large range of size holes from 19mm to 50mm. This netting can be made to your sizes.

Personal Safety Netting

Personnel safety netting is designed to catch a person falling while working at a height. Or even around an area that has a possibility of someone falling.

Soft Play Netting

Here you will find some popular choices for soft play areas, this netting is designed to act as a barrier to stop children.

Scramble Netting

Scramble and climbing netting are designed for obstacle courses reservoir safety ladders and much more. This netting comes in polyhemp rope (beige) or it can come in polprop blue red yellow green or black.

Play Equipment

Hercules climbing nets and Hercules jungle bridge nets. All come with a steel centred rope for extra strength.

Pallet and Racking Nets

Ideal for restraining pallets and other items. Great for protection where you have a risk of something falling from a rack or similar. Pallet nets are great for helping secure pallets on long distance journeys.

Hay Nets

Tubular hay nets and hay bags designed to help feed horses that just eat too much.

Hoist Nets

Ideal for helping to lift heavy loads. A large range of sizes available all at a great price.

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