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100 x 4.5mm Personnel Safety Netting.

Personnel Safety Netting

Personnel Safety Netting

This netting conforms to safety standard EN-1263-1 and comes compleate with a bordered tie rope

Minimum quantity is 8 square metres eg: 4mtr x 4mtr. This netting weighs approximately 200gsm

Enter the size you want made and the price will be in the shopping basket.

Price: 5.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 698

LengthBreadthArea (sqM)
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  • Green   
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  • Orange   

100 x 4.5mm Knotless Personnel Safety Net

100 x 4.5mm Knotless Personnel Safety Net

Fully certified to EN1263-1 comes complete with all the necessary ties and full rigging instructions, Just Choose the size you require from the drop down menu, Most of these nets are in stock and ready for next day despatch. Ideal for many applications from catching a person while working at height to safety nets around childrens tree houses. This netting is normally green but can be produced in many other colours.

Ref: 923


Safety Net Ties

Safety Net Ties

2mtr safety net ties. Ideal for tying down safety netting to your structure. Just choose the quantity you require from the drop down menu

Ref: 4119