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45mm x 3mm Knotless Cargo/Safety

45mm x 3mm Knotless Cargo/Safety

45mm x 3mm Knotless Cargo/Safety

Ref: 692

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    3mm diameter
    High tenacity polypropylene, knotless 45mm mesh

    This netting is one of our most popular choices, it is used for a wide range of needs including, Soft play area netting where its soft feel but high strength are vital. It is also used in the industrial sectors for rack protection netting and pallet netting. In the sports industry is is used as ball stop netting for Cricket, Baseball, Hockey and other sports. We also use this net to make goal nets out of.

    Knotless Netting 45mm x 3mm made from High Tenacity Polypropylene is a favourite for many of our customers, used extensively in such applications as Warehouse Racking, Hockey Goals, Mezzanine handrails, Children's Play Areas, Tree Houses, Lorry Load Securing Nets, Partitions in Vans and Commercial Premises and even over Ponds to stop toddlers falling in.
    With uses far too numerous to mention this Knotless Netting 45mm x 3mm weighs just 150 grams per square metre and an individual strand breaking strain in excess of 50 kilos, this netting caters for all of the above with ease.

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