Heavy Duty Woven Weed Control Fabric 2m wide

Ref: 402

Weed Control Fabric.
For many years now allplas has prided itself on offering the best products available at very competitive prices, our Weed Control Fabric is no exception. Many manufacturers have offered us better specifications at lower prices, however on inspection our Weed Control Fabric always comes out on top.
Allplas was founded in 2004 and from that time our Weed Control Fabric has consistently been one of our biggest sellers. Councils, Landscapers and even Network Rail use allplas's top quality Weed Control Fabric.
We know that the fabric needs to let water through but as little light as possible, we also know that you need a long life so we put a maximum UV protection in the raw material before the weaving process. The minimum weight of our material is 100 grams per square metre and even at 95 grams per square metre, material like this lets so much more light through.
Available in a good variety of widths and lengths and with next day delivery anywhere on the UK mainland, just select the size you want, along with Staples, Pegs or Stakes if required and you are good to go.
2 metre wide and above are folded to aid both handling and transportation, even if you have to take a 50metre x 2metre roll to your allotment, this will fit easily in the boot or on the back seat of your car.
Compare the price of our 100 grammes per square metre Weed Control Fabric both in quality and price with any local garden centre and you would usually find allplas.co.uk is the place to get it.
Staples, Pegs or Stakes are available in packs of 50 or 100 and again have been sourced in the best of materials at the best price so when you lay your Weed Control Fabric, you can leave it for many years without having to worry.