Super Tarpaulin 220gsm

Olive Green 220gsm

A range of 220gsm tarpaulin sheets in olive green. If you still want a top quality tarpaulin but don't want to go for the heavier 610gsm Tarpaulin Covers then these tarpaulin sheets are ideal for you. The 220gsm tarps come with hems and eyes all around and are double laminated to give extra strength. 100% waterproof ideal for shed roofs etc

Natural/White 220gsm

These 220gsm tarpaulin are the same as the green but let a little more light through. We have sold them to boat owners over the years who want to keep dry while doing work on there boats. Again these sheets are 100% waterproof and double laminated to give extra strength.


On all tarpaulin the weakest part of the sheet is normally the eyelets. If you use a bungee to to fix the tarpaulin sheets, it will help to prolong the lifespan. Most customers choose a 8mm bungee this allows space to fit through the eyelts but still is very strong.

If you have any quetions about any of our products please don't hesitate to get in contact with us either by email or phone 01462682663

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