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SealEco Greenseal 0.75mm

SealEco Greenseal 0.75mm per square meter

SealEco Greenseal 0.75mm per square meter

Greenseal EPDM has the same great physical characteristics as Butyl but is considerably Less Expensive. Greenseal is ideal for many applications, Pond, Lakes

Price: 6.96 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 3000

LengthBreadthArea (sqM)

Woven Matting 2 metre (6' 6") wide by the METRE

Geotextile underlay is the perfect preparation for your liner. Obviously you can use an old carpet or a couple of inches (50mm) of sand but this is the business.

This geo woven textile is also ideal for planting under water, allowing water through and keeping silt, clay, etc deposits from entering the water.

Price per linear METRE

Price: 4.44 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 104