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Pond Cover With Legs

Pond Cover With Legs

Ref: 0048

Pond covers provide protection for your fish against predators such as herons or cats as well as preventing the build up of fallen leaves and other debris in your pond. The low profile means they don't stand out in your garden, whilst the add-on legs allow you to raise them up over any existing plants if you wish.

Mainframe pond covers are supplied as complete kits including aluminium tubes, UV-stabilised polypropylene molded plastic connectors, suitable pond netting and clips. 1ft legs can be added to suit your project. If you require your cover to be raised more than 1ft above your pond, why not look at our vegetable cages, which use the same netting, or contact us for other options. Alternatively, you can buy all the tubes, connectors and netting separately and build a cover to your exact requirements.