50mm x 4mm Knotted Netting

Ref: 592

Watch how to shape your knotted netting.
Cargo Netting 50mm x 4mm made from Knotted UV Stabilised Polyethylene is a favourite for many of our customers, sold for such applications as Warehouse Rack Nets, Sports Nets, Mezzanine Edges, Play Areas, Garden Spaces, Lorry Load Nets, Vans and Commercial Premises Dividers and over Ponds to stop the kids falling in.
Too many uses to mention this Cargo Netting 50mm x 4mm weighs just 150 Gsm and an individual strand breaking strain in excess of 60 kilos it is perfect for all the above and more.
We can supply Knotted Cargo Netting 50mm x 4mm in a range of colours, made to pretty much any size imaginable, with or without a rope edge. A rope edge give the net a tidy finish which when not framed, finishes the job off nicely. This netting is also be supplied in a Fire Retardant grade complete with the necessary certification if used internally.
This material comes in to us ½ tonne bales and we cut whatever size you need from the bail, any size it really doesn't matter. We have netted buildings, perimeters of sports grounds to 8 metres height and even large hay ricks.
This Knotted Cargo Netting 50mm x 4mm is also resistant to the elements so outdoors will give many years of use. It's also used in the fishing industry so you needn't ever worry about whether it's up to the job.
Other mesh sizes and thicknesses are available on the site so you are sure to find the right netting for you.
As the Cargo Netting 50mm x 4mm is cut to size this usually takes a few days to get made up, if you have a very urgent requirement we may have something close on the shelf. Please call us and let one of our expert team try and help.